Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Since out site is being under reconstruction, presently we cannot offer you its complete English version. However, it is a temporary and the only inconvenience you would face dealing with NAT Company. We will do our best to finish the modernization shortly.

Currently one can have an on-line survey of the works of our floristic studio at the Russian version of the site. European quality and the highest level of services are the only and the main principle we pursue at all our demonstrations and sites. That is why those who made their first purchase from us very often become our regular customers. Just contact our central office, boutiques or studio to make sure that the above is true.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Floristis studia

Central office: 13, bld. 1, Podsosensky Pereoulok
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Phone numbers:
+ 7 (495) 917-16-82
+ 7 (495) 917-21-18